Reiki or Crystals for Energy Healing

I practice both Reiki and Crystal Reflexology which aim to support body healing. Both balance the mind, body & spirit and are deeply calming and relaxing.

Reiki - I hover my hands over the client and energy flows through to them. I work downwards from their head to their feet. Clients have Reiki if they are feeling low or out of sorts or if they have a medical condition which precludes other treatment. E.g.

  • insomnia

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • fatigue

  • lack of clarity or focus

  • pain

How Reiki works - hovering my hands over different parts of the body known as the 7 chakra's. Your body takes from it what you actually need. Clients may feel a heat or pulsing at different parts of their body, and may see a lightness or colour.

Details - clients remain clothed. I am trained in Usui Reiki, which is simply named after the person who developed this style. It is suitable for everyone because it is non-touch and works well alongside another treatment such as massage or reflexology.

Crystal Reflexology is similar to Reiki in that I work on the chakras of the body, but this time it is done through the reflexes on the feet. Clients remain clothed and generally lie on a massage table. The key difference is that I am using a range of different crystals to touch only the feet. Like Reiki your body takes from the crystals whatever it needs and you may feel a heat or pulsing in your feet or body at points in the session. Clients use Crystal Reflexology for the same reasons as Reiki (namely feeling out of sorts in some way and needing balanced). I generally do it as a stand-alone 45 or 60 minute appointment (choose Reflexology from the Booker).

What my clients say

Reiki works, best nights sleep in months. Feels like my batteries are recharged and my head feels clearer and calmer. Thanks
Felt fabulous after my Reiki treatment. Right after I felt like I could conquer the world. I got the whole house cleaned and had energy to go out all evening
That was the best Reiki session ever. Totally refreshed and relaxed. Would recommend Reiki to anyone. Everyone should give it a try. Great!