I practice Classical (see below) & Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) but please see other pages for Fertility, Maternity, Menopause or Crystal Reflexology (see Reiki/Crystal page).

Aims to balance the mind, body and spirit and is very relaxing.

Method - I press specific points (or reflexes) on the feet to help release blockages and encourage self-healing. 

Details- clients remain clothed. Treatment uses wax or oil on the feet.

Clients choose Reflexology for a huge range of problems as it helps to increase circulation and may reduce pain e.g.

  • digestive problems

  • hormonal problems

  • reproductive problems

  • migraines

  • muscular or skeletal problems

  • feeling stressed

  • poor sleep

How it works -The body is split into 5 zones which are mirrored on the feet. For every body part, or organ, there is an associated reflex on the foot. Touching that reflex may help to clear blockages within the body. 

Suitable for almost everyone. Some conditions where it is best not to have any treatment include major heart problems, serious circulatory problems like thrombosis, skin cancer or cancer sites, and infectious disease. Please check if unsure.

What my clients say

I have definitely noticed a difference since I started regular reflexology. I feel less stressed and more energised and it has worked wonders on reducing the dark circles under my eyes!
Slept great after my reflexology and woke up feeling refreshed, thanks so much